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In 1982, Vicky Colombet decided to dedicate her life to painting. She left her own successful designing firm to study with the renowned master Henri Dimier. Since then, she has exhibited widely both in Europe and in the USA. She had held individual exhibitions at Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, J. Guhl Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland, Alain Margaron Gallery, Paris, France, Busch Gallery, Germany, Mossa Gallery / Museum of Nice, Nice, France, among others. She has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in galleries such as Verena Hoffer gallery, Barcelona, Spain, or Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, and has exhibited at the Chicago art fair, the Art Miami art fair and the San Francisco art fair, among others. In 2001, Colombet received a grant from Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation. Vicky lives and works in New York.  




Selected Group Exhibitions



2007    Art Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, USA

            Chicago Art Fair, Bleu Acier, Tampa,  USA


2006   St. Petersburg Museum, Florida, USA

            “Black and white abstractions”,  Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New  York, USA

            “Drawing on the wrong side of the brain”,  curated by Lyle Rexer,

             Haim Chanin Fine Arts,  New York, USA

            ARCO,  Haim Chanin Fine Arts  and Artecite,  Spain

            Art Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts and Artecite,  Paris, France

            Girona Contemporary  Art Fair,  Fidel Balaguer Gallery and Artecite, Spain

            Toronto Contemporary Art fair, Caroline Dimnik Contemporary, Canada

            “Entre Chien et Loup”,   Bleu Acier, Tampa, USA

            “Bridge”,  Miami Art Fair, Bleu Acier, Tampa, USA

            E FA  Open Studios, New York, USA


2005   Parrish Art Museum  “39th Juried Exhibition”,  Southampton, USA

            Contemporary Art Fair New York,  Evo Gallery, USA

            Istanbul  Art Fair,  Artecite, Turkey

            EFA Open Studios, New York


2004   “Wind”,  Haim Chanin Fine Arts,  New York, USA

            San Francisco Art Fair, Evo Gallery, USA

            Chicago Art Fair, Evo Gallery, USA

            “Art Paris”,  Art Fair, Haim Chanin Fine Arts and Artecite,  France


2003   Chicago Art Fair, Evo Gallery, USA

            San Francisco Art Fair, Evo Gallery, USA

            “Works on Paper”,  Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

            Art Santa Fe, Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, USA


2002   Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

            Matarasso Gallery, Nice, France

            Affordable Art Fair New York, Evo Gallery, USA  


2001   Original Gallery, Nice,  France


2000   Nicholas Davies Gallery,  New York, USA


1999   Nicholas Davies Gallery,  New York,  USA

            Astarte Gallery, Madrid,  Spain


1998   Chateau de Servieres, Marseille,  France


1997   SAGA, Climats Gallery, Paris,  France

            Verena Hoffer Gallery, Barcelona,  Spain

            De la Gare Gallery, Bonnieux,  France

            Carre d’Art Saint Anne, Montpellier,  France


1996   J. Guhl Gallery, Montreux,  Switzerland

            Alain Margaron Gallery, Paris,  France


1993   Rene Metras Gallery, Barcelona,  Spain


1992   Miami Art Fair,  Corinne Timsit Gallery,  Miami,  USA

            Museum Kladno, Prague, Czech Republic


1988   Art Junction,  A.O. Gallery, Nice,  France


1986   Schwabisch Gmund Museum, Germany






TVE “Continuara” Barcelona, Spain.  2007

CUNY TV  and PBS  “Canapé”, New York, USA.  2004                                

ESEC,  Cinema School of Paris:  “Ce qui permet le regard”,  France.  2001

Art Video:  Berlin Direction, Germany. 1993

TV 5 Paris,  France. 1992






2000    DRAC,  Languedoc et Roussillon. France


2001    Adolph  and  Esther Gottlieb Foundation. USA






2006-2007   “Villa Nurbs”,  Collaborative Project  with the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli.  Painting on Glass,  Barcelona, Spain.




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