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I can remember very intense moments standing before certain paintings, for example, the weightlessness of Caravaggio, the dusty spatiality of Morandi, the light of Vermeer. I often forget the images ; but rather accumulate the knowledge and wisdom and the energies which they give off [...]. This omission of representation is what I would like to be present in my work. To omit in order to indicate, to go beyond the image, to stake a claim for another vision of the image.The great difficulty is using images in order not to talk about images, using forms in order not to talk about forms. -  Joaquim Chancho


The work of Joaquim Chancho is characterized by abstract geometrical compositions usually based on the contrast of two dominant colors: the background - a thick accumulation of layers of different hues, and a grid structuring the space of the canvas, “engraved” by the painter on the surface. The rigour and apparent simplicity of the artist’s formal language and composition, the striking chromatic tension, the silent minimalist surface of those large oil on canvas contrast with the musicality of the variations on a same pattern, the sensitivity and expressiveness of the gesture, and the depth and materiality of the overlapping colors. Chancho’s works tell the story of their own making; repetitive, they  are soothing, imbued with a meditative and serene quality; dense and layered, they are a battlefield where the painter struggles with his medium, where he covers or scrapes the layers with other layers, the colors with other colors, to search the internal structure of the world that sourrounds us. Since the 1970s, Chancho has enjoyed a long and distinguished career. He has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums for more than thirty years, with exhibitions at La Fundación Joan Miró, el Centre d’Art Santa Mónica, el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Ibiza, el Museo de Arte de Tarragona, el Museo Rufino Tamayo, México, and last year, a major retrospective at the Tecla Sala in Barcelona. His work can be found in the permanent collections of many important institutions, such as the Fundación La Caixa, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya among others.


For more information or images related to this exhibition please contact Mathilde Simian, at 646 230 7200 or msimian@haimchanin.com.


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New Abstractions, from July 17 through September 13, 2002 


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Haim Chanin Fine Arts presents the first New York solo exhibition of works by the renowned Spanish painter Joaquim Chancho entitled New Abstractions, on view from July 17 through September 13, 2002. New Abstractions includes ten tempera works on paper and two oil paintings on canvas, all large format, featuring the majestic piece Pintura 94 that measures nearly 13 feet wide by 10 feet high.


Joaquim Chancho has been driven by a reductionist rigor since his beginnings in the early seventies. His works are characterized by a deconstructed geometry, which results from an intense dialogue between writing, gesture, and the segment or matrix. These networks form patterns and grids that can be stunningly complex or simple. The work’s expressive essence and its implicit order slowly emerge according to a paced rhythm of repetition, retraction and shift. Each piece is complete with its own internal system of fusions, fragments, and interruptions that emit serenity, rhythm, and depth.




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