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Palimpsest - from September 25 through November 2, 2002


Haim Chanin Fine Arts presents the exhibition Palimpsest by the celebrated French painter Georges NoŽl from September 25 through November 2, 2002. Spanning nearly forty years of the artistís career, the exhibition will focus on works on paper, highlighted by a few paintings on canvas, and ranging from 1964 to 2000. This is NoŽlís first solo exhibition in the United States in twelve years.


Palimpsest features over twenty-five works on paper, including collages, ink washes, and other media on handmade papers, and paintings on canvas. NoŽlís works show a dense surface of highly worked grounds and overlapping signs that, like palimpsests, are rubbed out and rewritten, partly effaced, partly visible. His technique and style, in constant development since the late 1950s, first emerged parallel to the ďart informelĒ movement in Europe and the birth of ďNouveau RťalismeĒ in France, in which materials, accident and gesture were of prime importance.


Illustrated catalogue, with an essay by Margit Rowell. 



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