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From March 27 through May 31, 2003


Haim Chanin Fine Arts has the pleasure of presenting an exhibition by Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza, on view from March 27 through May 31, 2003. This exhibition, the first of the legendary artist-philosopher in New York, features eleven geometric sculptures in alabaster and iron dating from the Ď50s and representative of the artistís most influential period. The show is complemented by a selection of collages that capture the artistís reductionist tendencies.


Jorge Oteiza is respected for his visionary explorations of three-dimensional space. His most transcendental body of work, gathered in ďExperimental Propositions,Ē earned him the 1957 International Sculpture Prize in the IX S„o Paulo Bienal, along Morandi and Ben Nicholson. Oteiza pushed spatial exploration to the limits; beyond Moore, he departed from the conception of sculpture as a solid body. He intended to capture the Void, the immaterial, by emptying the space of mass. This masterís search to grasp an impalpable space grew from his strong spirituality, from his desire to grasp the essence of the Universe, the primordial black hole.


Fully illustrated catalogue, with essays by Richard Serra, Joseba Zulaika and Margit Rowell.




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