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From March 22 through May 1 ,2004


Haim Chanin Fine Arts announces the first New York solo exhibition of sculptor Karin Waisman, on view from March 20 through May 1, 2004. Opening reception on Wednesday, March 24, from 6 to 8 PM. The exhibition features The Garden of Eden, a 10'x10'x10' pink styrofoam sculpture and Relief I and II, two large-scale cast resin bas-reliefs, as well as a series of prints and drawings documenting her creative process. A catalogue with a text by Olivier Berggruen, Associate Curator, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt accompanies this show.


"Karin Waisman creates haunting, ethereal works in which ornamentation acts as a founding principle. Formal elements alternate between refined vegetal motifs and a proliferation of geometric patterns," says Berggruen. The Garden of Eden is a ten square-foot cube made with 2'x4' pink styrofoam panels. The piece represents an inaccessible ideal space. Archaic from the outside, it reveals an elaborate and profusely ornamental interior with vegetal-inspired motifs. The wall pieces, Relief I and II, made of cast resin, show a pattern of lines and geometric complexities that extend beyond the limit of the piece. In Berggruen’s words, "Karin Waisman’s work refers to 17th Century needlepoint, the craft involving lace making, by embracing potentially infinite growth forms."



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