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From November 7 through December 28, 2002


September 9, 2002, New York, NY – Haim Chanin Fine Arts is pleased to announce the first New York exhibition of works by Zumeta featuring five magnificent oil paintings on canvas and a selection of works on paper in gouache and watercolor. The prominent Basque artist is best known for his painting’s expressive gesture and bright, pure palette. The exhibition is on view from November 7 through December 28, 2002. The opening reception takes place on Thursday, November 7, from 6PM to 8PM.


Zumeta’s work is powerful. The spontaneous and intuitive gestures are in accordance with the Neo-expressionist spirit; yet the visceral force present in each stroke makes the work distinctly Spanish, specifically Basque. Bold brushstrokes of pure color fill the canvases. Zumeta’s paintings retain the energy that drives his life: to stop moving is to cease to exist, says the artist.


For Zumeta, the 60’s and 70’s were two decades of pure abstraction. In the 80’s, his introduction of figuration culminated in a magnificent series of fifty tempera on cardboard paintings. His most recent pieces waver between the abstract and the figurative: “the abstract is not without representational connotations,” he states. For Zumeta art is a reflection and a reaction to the surroundings. Testimony to this dialogue, are the traces of faces, houses, and other imagery culled from daily life that populate the labyrinth of color that are his paintings. These hints of the quotidian imbue each piece with humor and wit.


Illustrated catalogue, with an essay by Juan Ignacio Vidarte, Director, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.



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