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In 2001, Dominique Haim Chanin opened her first gallery space in Chelsea, Haim Chanin Fine Arts. There, she introduced artists firmly established in European and Latin American markets, such as Jorge Oteiza, Augustin Cardenas, Heribert C. Ottersbach and Graciela Sacco. Following the same idea, Haim Chanin Fine Arts organized exhibitions of important, though less known, bodies of work by renowed artists, such as Matta, Robert Morris and Pierre Soulages.


Dominique Haim Chanin recently moved her gallery to a new spacious loft conceived by French architect Marie-France de Saint Felix. Far from the regular white box, the new gallery, with natural light and stunning views of South Manhattan offers a more intimate and personal approach to art and a place for dialogue, exchange and experiment for the collectors, artists and art lovers alike.


The gallery will continue organizing exhibitions of European and Latin American artists. Its new set-up will also allow the gallery to organize exhibitions «Hors les Murs». The first such show  will take place in Paris in October 2007 during Fiac at Espace Berggruenn with works by renown basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza.











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